Hybrid Cloud Management Suite

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure offer better business agility but managing this complex suite of public cloud, private cloud & bare metal servers are going to be a big challenge for digital business due to lack transparency, usage visibility, policy deployment and controlling cloud expense. Xenisys MCM is a  Multi-Cloud Management Suite which is capable to transform your IT Department into Automated Cloud Broker. Our MCM Suite is fully loaded with features you need to manage your multi-cloud environment (Public+Private & Hybrid  Cloud).
Xenisys Cloud Suite -MCM is derived from open source technologies, giving you the opportunity to customize as per your business requirement. Having a multi-cloud management solution is must to improve productivity, efficiency, easy scalability throughout the Cloud Lifecycle.

Supported Cloud: Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean, OpenStack


Managing your cloud instances with multiple cloud vendors is complex. With so many semantic differences such as naming conventions, pricing strategy, frequent changing terms, difficult to interpret technical jargons it becomes a tedious work to leverage them in favour of your business.

Xen Cloud suite abstract all complexities of supported public cloud providers, with a single console for managing and deploying your applications.

XCS provides a single intuitive dashboard for controlling all cloud operations for Virtual Instances across Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and Alibaba Cloud. Your IT manager can get a full view of cloud usage, statistics, set up policies via a single interface. Cloud administrators can manage, control all virtual instances from the console to connect to instances, start, stop, manage services without logging to multiple vendors platforms.

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